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Seeking Wise Counsel

May 27, 2019

For this post, we are taking a snapshot look at Esther’s story. Please note that you can read the entire book of Esther (10 Chapters) for the entire context – and you definitely should because it’s awesome! You can check out the reading today in Esther 4, here!

Esther’s story is filled with insight and inspiration. She is an excellent role model for women and a story that has so much packed in. But there’s one character in her story that plays a pivotal role. Mordecai. I love Mordecai in her story. He keeps her level, provides encouragement, puts himself on the life for her and looks out for her. The best part is his biggest role wasn’t played on the inside of courts with the king, it was at the gate of the kingdom. He sat and helped Esther navigate talking to the king and helping to rescue the Jews. Mordecai understood that his purpose wasn’t for his glory, but to help Esther meet her purpose in God. We need more Mordecai’s. We need more people who are willing to raise another upon their shoulders to they might touch heaven’s purpose, too. Let’s look at little more at Esther’s life in one of the most quoted scriptures:

Mordecai told the messenger to reply to Esther, ‘Don’t think that you will escape the fate of all the Jews because you are in the king’s palace. If you keep silent at this time, liberation and deliverance will come to the Jewish people from another place, but you and your father’s house will be destroyed. Who knows, perhaps you have come to your royal position for such a time as this. Esther 4:13-14

Typically just the end of verse 14 is quoted, tattooed and cross-stitched. But I wanted to give the full context of this verse. Esther was facing a tough time in the kingdom. She was unsure when she needed to tell the king of Haman’s plot to kill the Jews. She had to wait for the right time, and if we keep reading her story we learn how she saved them. Esther is beloved because she chose to trust in counsel and guidance from the Lord. But even Esther had to be reminded of her purpose, and be encouraged that her time was there. If Esther would’ve been hasty about her decision and wanted to jump forward, she wouldn’t have served her purpose.

But with the insight of Mordecai, she was able to do what God called her to do. Mordecai was a man of depth and wisdom. He was willing to risk what was important to him, so he might be in tune with Esther’s purpose. That is a servant. Mordecai is someone who we should mimic towards others, and who we should desire in our lives. Sister, remember that even in your best moment you need wise counsel. We all need encouragement to live our full potential in Christ. If you have a Mordecai in your life, take some time to appreciate them. If you don’t, I pray that you seek a Mordecai in your life.

Today’s Prayer

Jesus, I pray that you send me wise counsel who believes in my God-given purpose. I pray you send me a Mordecai who can help encourage me and give me the friendship I need to pursue Your passions. And Lord, I pray that whoever my Mordecai is that you bless them and send them to me at the right time to provide the right insight for my season. I pray they stay close to your heart and provide me with solid wisdom that helps build me in faith. I pray that even if they sit at the gate’s entrance, you bless them with the courts of my heart. I thank you for the current Mordecai in my life, too. I pray you strengthen their hearts and give them wise counsel too. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me and those who help me be better in you. Amen

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