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What’s On My Playlist?

October 6, 2019

Hey friends! Today I felt pressed to share with you what is on my faith and worship music playlist. Sometimes, the weight of the world can drag us down throughout the week. But, I believe music was created to sustain our souls and spirits with encouragement to keep pressing on. Music calms the soul, it feeds the soul and it nourishes the soul.

I know for me, sitting in my cubicle most days, I can get pretty tied up in projects and zone out of my spirit. So, I keep headphones in and when I’m not listening to one of my Podcasts (normally sermons and faith-based ones), I am tuning into one of my songs on my playlist that keeps my heart afresh to the goodness of God and His mercies.

See a Victory by Elevation Worship

Line that really makes my soul tick:

You take what the enemy meant for evil, and you turn it for good, you turn it for good.

Elevation Worship, See a Victory

Hallelujah Here Below (Paradoxology) by Elevation Worship with Steffany Gretzinger

Why this songs make my soul tick? This entire song is a reflection and reminder that Jesus Christ is the King and ONE DAY we will be with Him in heaven. BUT, for now, our hallelujahs from earth satisfy the Father as they reach His ear. Like incense, our praise and worship rises. And, even though there are angels upon angels singing HOLY around His throne, His creation on earth is calling out and raising praise.

Raise a Hallelujah by Bethel Music

Why the chorus lights my soul on fire? Here’s the chorus:

I’m gonna sing in the middle of the storm

Louder and louder you’re gonna hear my praises roar

Up from the ashes hope will arise

Death is defeated


Bethel Music, Raise a Hallelujah

Do I really need to explain the fire inside when I listen to this? Friend, storms of life come and go like the wind. But, let me assure you that on the worst of my life, the hardest praise had to fall from my lips. It was hard, but I knew in the depths of my soul that it was praise echoing throughout heaven. This song reminds me of that. It reignites me when I feel hopeless in the wait. AND, it challenges me to SING A LITTLE LOUDER.

Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

Why this song still reaches my soul? I remember listening to an interview with Cory Asbury on this song. He said he had the song in him, but one reason or another, the song was put on hold. Until finally, it was released and when it did, it hit like wildfire throughout the church and the sound waves. Every time I hear this song, I get really happy. Because it’s not just great and good or a grammy winner, it’s a proclamation. I have been the one that Jesus had to come after. He had to leave the flock because of me, and my oh my, what reckless love will do to a heart that feels distant and is hurt. I never listen to this song the same after I put myself in it, and you won’t either.

This is a Move by Brandon Lake and Tasha Cobbs Leonard (Bethel Music)

Line that sets my soul on fire:

Come and do what You do

Bethel Music, This is a Move

It’s a simple line, but it makes my eyes swell with tears every time I hear it. It makes me cry because it’s true and it’s my heart’s earnest desire. For Jesus, the Restorer, Healer and Miracle Worker, to come and do what ONLY He can do. I want nothing more than His will to be done in my life. When I sold out for Jesus at an extremely early age, I said then the same I say now – Let Your will be done. And this song, it allows me to continuously proclaim that.

Nobody by Casting Crowns with Matthew West

Why my soul loves it? Okay, I’ll be very honest, I haven’t listened to Casting Crowns in quite a few years. But, when I heard this song, I about lost it! First, it’s SO refreshing and it just makes me really joyful. Second, it really is the truth. We are all just nobodies, trying to tell everybody, all about somebody, who SAVED MY SOUL.

Cover Photo by Alexander Hess on Unsplash

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