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Two Most Impactful Books of the Bible (2019)

September 29, 2019

I wanted to do something a little different today for my blog post. First, I just launched a new look for my blog! I had a temporary thing going for the last couple of months, but really felt moved to add different kinds of content to the blog and all the while keeping the focus on Jesus. He is my first love and anything I do apart from Him is no good nor is it worth it.

Second, I’m talking briefly about two of the most impactful books of the Bible in my life so far this year. Now, I read a devotion everyday. Mostly out of the She Reads Truth app. I study all across the Old and New Testaments and have a lot of cross-references in my daily time with God. But, at the start of the year, the Holy Spirit ushered my heart into reading fully both Job and Psalms. I was extremely impacted by both books and wanted to briefly share that impact and also encourage you to read them, too!

The Book of Job

“But I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the end he will stand on the dust.” Job 19:25, CSB

Around mid-March, I began prepping my heart for the Easter season. I anxiously await the season because it’s one of my favorite times of the year. I jumped on board with the She Reads Truth community and started studying Job. They did Job leading into the Lent season, and guys, it was so good. Perfectly timed for that particular time of my year, I grasped onto each word found in Job. From going back and forth between Job and his three friends, to hearing the depths of man’s hurting heart towards God,  I had never felt more sympathy towards a person in the Bible. Job is a hard book to read, but it’s well worth diving into. Sure, reading it straight through on your Bible app is perfectly fine, but for this book I would suggest finding a solid read along to help you navigate the conversations and laments in the book. Because Job lost everything, relating to him in one way or another makes it a catch 22. We’ve all lost something and felt the pain from it, however to lose everything all at once in such a harsh way is few and far between. Nevertheless, I believe Job’s book in the Bible is there to help shape our perspective and mindset on a couple different things. First, my mindset was challenged to think less of my woes and see things from God’s point of view. While reading Job, I was in the middle of struggling with my own challenges. There were things I was wrestling with God over. Unanswered prayers, doubts about promises and sometimes silence from Him kept me on my toes going into the Easter season. Reading Job helped me see that God is always working and orchestrating things behind the scenes. Whether we have enough faith to believe that or not at times, He is. Seeing Job’s life play out in the book helps you get out of your head and have an honest conversation with God. It secondly challenged me to seek God more when I felt like I heard Him less. Was it difficult? Absolutely, but my desire to know God’s will was greater than my complacency. He was there the entire time and is always there, but stepping outside of my understanding and into His was key in the process. Job helped me do that because I saw how he did it.

The Book of Psalms

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Psalms 16:11, ESV

At the start of the year, I made a commitment to read a Psalm a day. Let me say, it’s my new start of the year tradition. I would read a Psalm, highlight the verses that stood out to me and write them down in my daily journal. Every day I did this and it has been one of the best times with the Lord in my devotions. I mean just so good. Psalms is incredibly powerful. I also loved Psalms so much because the lyricst was deeply moved in all of them. Not one Psalm was without emotion, and as someone is highly in tune with their emotions, I couldn’t resist. The writer, most of the time King David, felt all the things I’ve felt about life, people, myself and even God. He didn’t leave anything out and he made me feel seen, known and heard among heaven. I have struggled so often trying to understand my emotions and feelings. Sometimes they have been toxic and deteremental. And, if you have ever felt the same, I would highly suggest a journey through Psalms. It will encourage you, challenge you, reposition you and draw you closer to the Lord. In fact, even if you don’t struggle with anything like that, just read Psalms anyways!

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