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Favorite Faith-Based Podcasts

June 9, 2019
Favorite faith based podcasts

Hey there, friends! 

Some housekeeping for you – I made a pretty notable change over the weekend of updating my blog. I’ve been eager to have the opportunity to create a cleaner, easier and more functional space, and I think I have finally (finally, finally) landed on one I am pleased with. Yes, I’ve changed my mind about 5 times already, so thanks a ton for sticking with me! As the blog continues to take different twists and turns, I want to make sure I am creating a functional space that my readers and myself enjoys visiting! Let me know what you think over on the Facebook post.

So, I am a huge podcast listener. I work at a desk job and having background noise with my closest podcast friends is something I look forward to on any given day. Podcasts, if you are not a frequent listener, are fantastic opportunities to learn more about special topics, be engaged, and listen to a few awesome people who spend so much time creating audio content. In fact, I would love to do my own podcast someday, so maybe that’s why I spend so much time listening and interacting with others.

I am always recommended to my friends and family favorite podcasts, as well as referencing podcast moments just as much as my Office references. Trust me, it’s a toss up most days – should I quote Michael Scott or should I quote Annie F. Downs? In all seriousness, I find so much joy in listening and thought it might be helpful if you had a list of my personal favorites. Listen on your morning commute, at the gym, at your desk or while you clean, no matter how you tune in, they would just be thankful you did and you might learn a thing or two!

Most of these are faith-based, but I couldn’t resist throwing in a couple non-faith based ones (trust me, all in good taste still). Give a few a try!

#1: That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Trust me when I say, Annie is like a friend and I’m thankful for her time and devotion to her audience. She’s a writer and inspiring Godly-woman who talks about mental health, fun things, books, the Enneagram, soccer and so much more. She always has awesome guests on her show and there isn’t a single one that I’ve listened to that hasn’t made me cry and/or laugh. They usually last 45 minutes to one hour, but they always leave you wanting a little more. If you’re overwhelmed at where to start, here’s a few of my favorite episodes. PS – She is doing Enneasummer where she is talking about and with people of each Enneagram number. It is SO good and she hasn’t even got to my number yet! 

Where to start:

  • Episode 40 with Lisa and Missy Harper (This is a tear-jerker.)
  • Episode 62 with Dave Barnes (He’s more hilarious than what you think.)
  • Episode 71 with Bob Goff (Made me want to save the world.)
  • Episode 91 with Steffany Gretzinger (Truly, my favorite, and a tear jerker.)
  • Episode Next Gen #5 with Hollyn (She is so encouraging!)
  • Episode TSF Couples 2019 with Mack and Meredith Brock (I’m single but this episode gave me hope and rose up serious marriage-goal desires.)
  • Episode 128 with David Crowder (Long-time fan, still a great worship artist…and he’s funny, too!)
  • Episode 141 with Margaret Feinberg (I’m a new fan of her, but this woman is serious inspiration, and her book is absolutely wonderful!)

#2: Relevant Podcast

I started listening to the Relevant Podcast about a year ago and y’all…this show is just great. Relevant Magazine’s goal in their publications and podcast is to be at the intersection of faith and culture. While sometimes they lean more on the cultural side of things, it is still a helpful podcast to sharpen your discernment and be aware of different things happening culturally whether you agree or not. Plus, they each do a fair job of being journalists and staying unbiased when delivering more secular news. ALSO, I laugh more than necessary with each episode. Lastly, they interview who is the featured guest about an hour into the show and the interviews are always insightful and from a handful of different places. 

Where to start: Honestly, just jump in on this one! The entire crew is delightful…but, if you had to go back and get some context I recommend the following. Keep in mind this show runs like a show and builds with some jokes and conversations. Still, it’s not hard to love or get involved with.

  • Episode 622 with Jo Saxton
  • Episode 623 with Cory Asbury
  • Episode 639 with Foster the People
  • Episode 648 with Christine Caine
  • Episode 668 with Bryan and Katie Torwalt
  • Episode 681 with Young the Giant
  • Episode 701 with Johnnyswim
  • Episode 703 with Judah & the Lion

#3 The Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast

Proverbs 31 Ministries was started by Lisa Terkuerst who has written several well-known books including Uninvited and It’s Not Supposed to be This Way. She is a wonderful Christian author, speaker and influential leader in the Christian community. I love this podcast because it’s not only her teaching on different topics, it’s mostly real, normal women talking about everyday issues within life and the Christian walk. Each host lays down the truth and is open, honest and reflective, making the podcast really great to listen to while driving, doing dishes or cooking. Since this is a newer podcast, I would start at the beginning and journey with them!

#4 The Daily Grace Co. Podcast

Not only is The Daily Grace Co. one of the cutest faith-based stores, they recently started a helpful podcast. It’s great because they talk more about the basics of the Christian walk and dive into some apologetics and nuances not a lot of people talk about outside of the church. I really enjoy listening to this one while doing housework, and it’s a great refresher for those who have been a Christian longer. If you haven’t been a Christian for a while or you are wanting to understand it more, this podcast is great at explaining different topics and exploring the depths of what makes a Christian a true, authentic Christian. 

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