About Me

Hey and welcome to my faith and lifestyle blog - I'm Hannah!

Here on my blog you will find a little bit of my favorite things. First, you're going to find a whole love of Jesus. My primary goal for the blog is that each woman can pursue purpose, live in joy and walk by faith. That mission is played out between a variety of things that I love and want to share with you. From makeup, skin care, outfit picks, encouragement and so much more, I know you will find something here worth reading and enjoying.

So, while I can't divulge my entire autobiography here, I can let you in on five things about myself:

  1. I am extremely active in my local church and community. In fact, my mom and I are over a clothing boutique that serves the local community around us. We love spreading the love of Jesus through clothes as a touch point of His goodness, love and grace!
  2. Give me a cup of iced coffee, Minnie Mouse ears (preferably rose gold) and a view of Cinderella's Castle any day of the week! Yep, Disney World is my happy place and I'll be blogging and Instagramming about it A TON.
  3. I own two Australian Shepherds, Flynn and Elsa. They are just the cutest and greatest.
  4. When I'm not blogging, I work in marketing for a local company.
  5. My perfect Saturday would be described as cool outside (Fall weather, please), coffee in hand, comfy sweatshirt on and enjoying time at home by reading, journaling and crafting. I'm a homebody, guys.

Thanks for stopping by!